Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the Contract Agreement
  1. For how long am I bound to my contract?
    The agreement is effective from date of signature and will continue on a month to month basis subject to a billing months notice (26th to 26th).
  2. Can I change my contract package?
    You may upgrade or downgrade your package with a written request.
  3. Can I add a family member to my Good Fellas Membership?
    Yes, Secondary Members will individually be required to accept the standard Good Fellas terms and conditions of service and to indemnify Good Fellas, before making use of the Service.
    Please notify Good Fellas either telephonically or by email that you would like to add a member.
    An additional membership fee will be charged for each Secondary Member, as set out in the Schedule of Rates.
Questions regarding Billing
  1. What are the payment terms?
    Debit order or credit card payment in advance.  We do not accept monthly payment by cheque or direct banking.
  2. Do the km units carry over to the next month if I don't use the service?
    No.  The unused units are forfeited.
  3. What I am charged if my call out is less than 10km?
    A minimum call out charge based on 10 kms applies, or in the case of a Discounted 25 contract, the minimum call out charge is based on 5 kms.
  4. Can I drop my friends off along my way home?
    Yes, this is possible if you give the call centre the drop off addresses of your friends when you place the call out request for yourself and you will be charged for the round trip. Johannesburg and Pretoria en-route drop offs will be charged per drop off.
  5. Am I charged for cancelled call-outs?
    Yes. A minimum journey charge applies to cancellations of ad-hoc call-outs and to cancellations of pre-booked calls which are cancelled within 1 hour of the collection time.
Operational Questions
  1. Can you take me home if I do not have my vehicle with me?
    No, Good Fellas is a chauffeur service, we drive you home safely in your own car.
  2. How long do I need to wait for my chauffeur after placing my call out request?
    In EL and PE your chauffeur will endeavour to reach you within 30 minutes and in JHB, CPT, PTA and DBN within 45 minutes but may reach you sooner or later.  These lead times are a guideline and will depend on traffic, number of call outs to be rendered in your region, etc.  Should a delay occur, our call centre will keep you informed as to the length of the delay.  We will obviously do our absolute best to service you timeously.
  3. How do I order a driver after 2am?
    The call centre closes at 2am.  You need to place your call out request PRIOR to 2am to order a chauffeur for a later time.
  4. How do I know that my driver is a legitimate Good Fellas chauffeur?
    The Call Centre Operator will advise you of your chauffeur's name and on arrival of your chauffeur, please ensure that he is wearing a Good Fellas uniform and his Good Fellas ID, which you should examine prior to giving him your vehicle keys.  
  5. Does my driver have the required licences?
    Yes, all Good Fellas drivers licences are verified and drivers hold PrDP's and comply with legislative requirements for driving fare paying passengers.
  6. Can I cancel a call-out request?
    Yes.  If you cancel a call out 1 hour before your pre-booked time or before your driver has set off on his way to you, you will not be charged for the call out.  Otherwise, you will be charged the minimum call out charge for the cancelled call.  
  7. How does pre-booking a call work?
    You can pre-book a chauffeur for a specific time by placing your request at least 2 hours before the required pick up time.  This can even be done days in advance.
  8. Can I use the service in cities other than my home town?
    Yes, you can use the chauffeur service in any city in which Good Fellas operates.
  9. How does New Year's Eve work?
    New Year's Eve is by pre-booking only, please contact us to arrange.
  10. What happens if our driver has an accident in your vehicle?
    You have indemnified Good Fellas and therefore you carry the risk and will need to claim from your insurance.